The Best Family Tent Buying Guide ?>

The Best Family Tent Buying Guide

So, you and your family have been planning to go outdoors and have some good time, you all have been impatiently waiting for this day to experience all the fun activities including camping outdoors and you need to buy items you will need for camping and that includes purchasing a good tent for the entire family and there’s nothing much better than a family tent buying guide that will assist you in choosing the right tent.

Did you know there are like three different types of tents? Neither did I. I mean after all a tent is just a tent, right? Wrong but other than that, here are a best family tent buying guides;

  • Size of the tent. You ought to consider the size of the tent in terms of your family because you wouldn’t want to bump into your kids all the time or hit furniture. Remember you are out to relax and enjoy the camping.
  • Tent layout. There are so many different layouts depending on the age of your children and if you don’t have kids yet, well, this point is not for you skip to the next point. So whether you have young kids, teenagers or older kids, the tent you intend on purchasing should suit them too.
  • Space. Is the tent spacious enough to fit all the family members stuff and still leave adequate space for that comfortable feeling plus a space for the kids to play around? You have to consider the living and storage space. Basically the space should e spacious but don’t over do it
  • Windows and the door. Tents are have a more welcoming feel when they have large windows in order to let enough light in but you don’t want too much light that will wake you very early in the morning so find a tent with dark materials on the sleeping areas and light materials on the other areas. Check that there is a distance between the door and the ground you know, for those rainy unexpected days. This avoids the water from leaking into the tent when the door is opened.
  • Tent materials. As much as the layout, size and space is important, you need to consider the materials used o the tent. How water proof is your tent? Can it withstand a really windy day without getting blown over? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself. With these few family tent buying guides, you will never go wrong when purchasing a family tent. Happy camping lovelies.
Best Reverb Pedal -2016 ?>

Best Reverb Pedal -2016

Reverb can be defined as an echo creator. Reverb adds the echo that people usually hear in music or videos. There are different kinds of reverb. There are reverb that you add in a audio editing software and there is a reverb pedal. A reverb pedal is similar to the bass of a band set. While a bass pedal and reverb pedal are similar in appearance, the reverb pedal sends out echoes that are intertwined in the sound to create beautiful music. Of course, You can waste your money and buy any reverb pedal and be semi satisfied with its performance but I am sure you only want the best reverb pedal for your music performances. The Boss FRV Fender and the EHG Holy Grail are by far the best reverb pedals.

The Boss FRV is a down to business reverb pedal. It gives off the classic sound of the 1963 Fender Spring Reverb. It has three different options of reverb which are Tone, Dwell and Mix. The Boss FRV has a sort of retro classic appearance which is really attractive to customers and lovers of the retro style. It also uses COSM Technology which is the company that produces such pedals and effects for guitars and other fine instruments. The use of COSM Technology is how the vibrant and heart-warming reverb is produced. The Boss FRV is priced on the slightly expensive side but is definitely worth every penny and dime as you wont want to stop adding reverb to every sound you make or hear.

The EHG Holy Grail, is the smooth reverb pedal. The reverb pedal that looks regular but no doubt creates the best reverb. The sounds created from the Holy Grail are unmatched as they are crisp, tuned to the point and worth every penny. The Holy Grail also has three options which are spring, hall and flerb. For not a lot of money at all you can purchase and use the professional EHG Holy Grail and have your music sound like instant classics with little effort at all

In closing, whatever sound or music track you listen to chances are that tune has had reverb added to it. The Boss FRV, in a nutshell is straight down to business when it comes to creating reverb that will knock your socks off in amazement. The Holy Grail is a reverb pedal from the skies. It truly is one of the best reverb pedals you could buy.



Everyone wishes to buy the best whenever they plan to buy something. For fishing lovers, spinning reels are the most vital tools. Spinning reels come in various sizes and styles in the market. They are of different makes too. Many people browse over the net for best spinning reel review over individual products before buying them. People tend to find the best ones with well-designed spools and good rotors with good speed.

For people who love to go for river or lake fishing, the models mentioned below would be the best top 3 of choice. These models are chosen as the best ones because of their uncomplicated operation and are most suitable because they offer maximum high-end drag pressure for catching more quantity of fish. They are more compact to fit into the luggage bag too. They also offer a variety of features

The first one that I would suggest is the Avet HXJ 5/2. It has a lever drag control system with dry drag for true water resistance. Avet Reels are the only spinning reels that have new cast control system for prevention of backlash and line out adjustment for live bait fishing and a 100% precision machined aluminum rigid frame. Ball bearings are of stainless steel that are rubber sealed components. The handle knob is with an oversized grip. There are no harness lugs. This model is proudly designed and manufactured in The USA. This is the best fishing reel in market.

The second one is the Daiwa Hyper Tanacom 500-f Big Game Electric Reel NIB. The specifications of this model are They are used to catch the Yellowtail Amberjack, Red Sea Bream, Bonito, Hairtail, Pacific Ocean Perch, Alfonsino. Their gear ratio: 2.8: 1. The spinning reel’s weight is 745 g. The maximum drag force for this is 8 kg PE. Thread winding amount (No. -m): 5-350 / 6-300 Nylon thread winding amount (No. -m): 6-330 / 7-300 empty winding. It has a high speed (no load m / min): 170. Practical hoisting speed is (1 kg load m / min): 125. This model of spinning reels is manufactured in Japan. It is rated as top 2 in the current market.

The third of the top 3 is the Daiwa SEABORG 500 feet. It has an electric Fukase clutch & shelf stop and up and down jerking. It is equipped with universal 500 size. It is a Japanese product. This is the top 3 spinning reel available in the current market.

The fishing lovers can chose from the above, the appropriate spinning reels to suit their needs.

Five Cheap Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tents ?>

Five Cheap Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tents

Whenever one goes camping, they want to maximize the experience but one wants to also be very economical. You also find yourself leaning towards lightweight best family tents. Carrying a bulky and heavy tent when back packing be can be tiring and stressful. You won’t be able to enjoy your camping experience when you are low on energy. Hence when one goes tent shopping one always goes for the cheap lightweight tents. A couple of those cheap lightweight tents are listed below

1) Yellowstone Dome Festival tent

The most amazing feature about this tent is that it weighs only 2 kgs but can fit up to 4 people. It comes with a groundsheet, fibre glass poles and guy ropes. It also comes complete with a carry bag for easy transportation and neat storage avoiding an uncomfortable bulky feel. You’ll barely notice you have a weight on your back. Going for $16 you’re guaranteed the best camping experience at the cheapest price there can be.

2) HI Gear Solista tent

This 2 person tent is one of the cheapest tents in the market. Compared to some tents that go for around $300, this handy tent goes for around $30 only. Its low price is achieved by use of using lower quality components but that doesn’t make it any less effective. The inexpensive tent weighs at least 1.68 kgs and comes in a simple carry bag which is big enough to allow a bit of leeway when packing. It’s also a pretty easy tent to pitch and can take one about 10 minutes or less to complete the pitch.

3) Vango banshee 200 tent

This tent is an excellent choice for backpack camping. Weighing about 2.25kgs, this tent has a compact packed size. It is also very easy to assemble. It can accommodate 2 people easily with a good size vestibule for storage. Its 70 denier lightweight polyester groundsheet is the perfect blend of waterproofness, durability and reliability. This tent is not only lightweight but its price is pretty affordable. You can find it at around $85 and $130 at retail price.

4) OEX Cougar II 2 person tent

The OEX Cougar II gives you all you need for an amazing camping experience. Weighing at 3.65kgs, the OEX uses 7.1g lightweight aluminum poles. It also comes with a waterproof sling bag letting you divide the tent into two parts and share the carrying load with your fellow camper. As for price, this lightweight backpacking tent retails at $170 dollars but a single tent goes at $75.

5) Coleman Aravis back packing tent

Ideal for campers trying to keep their weight down, this lightweight camping tent gives you dependable protection from rain and wind. Its handy porch allows you to keep your kit organized. To add to this the Coleman Aravis bag comes with a roll-top carry bag for easy packing and worry free carrying. It comes at a 3.35 kg weight which is on the lower side of tent size. For a 3 man tent its price is relatively low going for around $95.

There you have it. A few cheap lightweight tents that make your backpacking camping experience that much more enjoyable. Hope above 5 family tent reviews will guide you to buy a best family tent for your camping.